Welcome, we are team WASA:
WASA connects members of architecture schools, communities, and groups from all over the world in the same information field (an online platform and real-life events).

We are building a platform, which is aimed at collaboration and interdisciplinary research for students and professionals in architecture.
What does WASA consist of?
Our priority is to develop three main areas:
The online platform - is a resource that will let architecture students solve scientific problems together, do research, hold workshops and have access to any necessary information from other members.
The offline platform - conferences, workshops, master-classes and other possible activities aimed to bring together architecture students and student communities.
The goal in this area is to promote events, where students make the content, represent their University or community, where the format of communication is horizontall. Not teacher to student but partner to partner.
A laboratory and coworking for student members of WASA. It will allow for independent research in modern architecture. Not every school or student union can afford a modern workshop. WASA.LAB will give the opportunity for research and practice to its members.
Our goal is to provide you with a well-equipped space for work, experiments and exploration.
Who are the WASA members?
People are the heart of WASA.
Students are the main creators and users of the platform. They make the content, determine the development direction and form the projects.
Construction companies, manufacturers, developers of materials and technologies in the field of architecture and related fields.
Professional Unions
Unions and guilds of architects all around the world, representatives of professional associations and communities
Institutions of higher education, first of all graduate and post-graduate departments, form the basis for an active scientific community and encourage scientific exchange in architectural and interdisciplinary research.
Youth community

Specialized youth associations, clubs and communities which draw students in to educate themselves further and do various projects and extracurricular activities.
Professional traditional and new media representatives
What are WASA's goals?
We set ourselves an ambitious goal to unite architectural youth community and give them the opportunity to:
Communicate and collaborate
Grow professionally
Do research
Test projects
Get employment
Wanna join our team? Do you have any suggestions?Email us at
Thank you!
Project development stages

2018 - Launch. Stage_01
Research and analysis
The project was launched at the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi in October 2017
Development of the platform
The main goal for 2018 will be to build the platform and import the data
Website launch
Website launch is planned for the beginning of 2019
First WASA conference
Autumn 2019
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